Eero could be coming out with a faster WiFi 6 router

Amazon’s Eero could very well be releasing new WiFi 6 networking devices soon, according to recent leaks. ZatzNotFunny has spotted an Eero 6 Gateway and an Eero 6 Extender on the FCC recently, and it has also reported the possible arrival of a new mesh router dubbed the Eero Pro 6.

Both the gateway and the range extender will be dual-band devices; the gateway could have a USB-C port plus a couple of Ethernet ports, while the extender seems to only have a charging port. The Eero Pro 6, on the other hand, looks to be a tri-band model and also features a couple of Ethernet ports. From the leaked box cover, the Pro 6 appears to have a similar design to Eero’s line of original routers, and not the cupcake-style domed design of last year’s release.

All of the devices appear to support WiFi 6, which promises faster and improved speeds when multiple devices are connected. They appear to be backwards compatible with WiFi 5 devices and will likely coexist just fine with existing Eero hardware. ZatzNotFunny also notes that the FCC lists the hardware as compatible with the Zigbee wireless protocol. Current Eero hardware is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and works well with Alexa-enabled devices too.

It’s not clear yet when these devices will be officially unveiled, but as some of them have already appeared on the FCC and Amazon’s annual product announcement could be coming up soon, it’s likely we won’t have to wait long for them to be on the market.

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