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HMD’s first Nokia tablet features a huge battery and costs $250

HMD’s first Nokia tablet features a huge battery and costs $250

The T20 can go nearly 15 hours between charges and offers optional LTE.


Nokia has a rich history of, well, interesting and splendid tablets like the iPad knockoff N1, but has only released smartphones since the brand was purchased by HMD Global. Now, HMD/Nokia have launched their first tablet together, the 10.4-inch T20, with the key features being a large battery, cheap price and US availability.

The T20 is not what you’d call a beautified tablet, given the plain-Jane design and chunky bezels, though it does have a solid metal body structure and relatively thin (7.8mm) and light (470g) profile. The screen also looks pretty nice on paper, with 2K (2,000 x 1,200) resolution and 400 nits of brightness.


The key feature is the battery, though. With an 8,200mAh (non-removable) cell, it will let you surf the web for 15 hours between charges, play video for 10 hours or do Zoom-type calls for seven hours. It also comes with relatively fast charging (15 watts), though the charger in the box outputs just 10 watts.

Other specs are about what you’d expect for a tablet in this price category, including a Tiger T610 8-core CPU, up to 4GB of RAM/64GB of storage (expandable), and an 8-megapixel rear camera/5-megapixel front camera. There’s optional LTE as well, though Nokia didn’t say how much extra that would cost.

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For what it is, $250 price looks pretty decent. However, the world of Android tablets is an unremarkable one — will Nokia’s brand recognition matter? The Nokia T20 arrives to the US and elsewhere around the world tomorrow (October 7th).

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