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Tesla and Zoox- The plug for Sustainable Transport!

The Very fact that autonomous automobiles is the future of transport,buttresses the fact that the billionaire founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and Billionaire founder of space x and Tesla are the pioneer of a new frontier in the area of sustainable Transport.

I was startled on the eve of June 26 ,2020 when I learnt that Jeff Bezos had just acquired the zoox company and had,had it incorporated into Amazon. Funny,Elon musk called him a copy-cat on Twitter for this.

For me,the Future would be incredibly exciting with Cars that are fully AI powered.

Zoox was founded in 2014 by Australian artist-designer Tim Kentley-Klay,and Jesse Levinson, son of Apple chairman Arthur D.Levinson who was developing self-driving technology at Stanford University.

The company’s name Zoox comes from the creature Zooxanthelae due to the creature’s dependence on renewable energy like Zoox’s production vehicle and its symbiotic relationship with coral reefs relating to the company’s goal to have a symbiotic relationship with her customers.

In December 2018, Zoox became the first company to gain approval for providing self-driving transport services to the public in California.By July 2018, according to Bloomberg, Zoox had raised $800 million in venture capital, at a valuation of $3.2 billion.In January 2019, Zoox appointed a new CEO, Aicha Evans, who was previously the Chief strategic officer at Intel.

On March 20, 2019, Tesla company filed a lawsuit against Zoox and several now-former Tesla employees (who left Tesla for employment at Zoox) alleging theft of Tesla’s proprietary information and trade secrets related to warehousing, shipping, and logistics in late 2018 and early 2019.

However,A New Business Battle line has been drawn in the Electric automobile industry with Bezos’ Zoox and Elon’s Tesla as Contenders.But this tussle would Accelerate the dawn of a new Era in Transport as innovation in the system would skyrocket.This would lead to the complete decimation of Fossil Fuel powered automobiles leading to an exciting future with a sustainable Environment.

Exciting? Yes!!!

Let the Battle Begin!!!

What do you think?


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