Tesla is considering a home ‘energy package’ with solar, Powerwall, EV charger bundle

Tesla is considering becoming a “power provider” in Europe, according to a new survey it sent to local owners and is looking into bundling solar, Powerwall, and its EV charger together for some kind of all-in-one home energy package.

Over the last few months, Tesla has been making more moves to expand its solar and energy storage business.

Now Tesla is also looking to expand in Europe.

In Germany, Tesla sent a survey to potential customers to explore potential energy products to launch in the market, according to PV Magazine.

The survey looks into what it would take for consumers to switch power providers:

“The questionnaire also asks which Tesla products customers would consider buying, including home energy storage; solar panels; a Tesla Wall Connector electric vehicle (EV) charging point; access to a public EV charging network in addition to Tesla fast chargers; and, crucially, the supply of clean electricity.”

They also reference a potential “energy package” that combines solar panels, energy storage, and EV charger together.

Tesla also mentions potential grid services by controlling the charge load:

The company asks: “Suppose your car is charged every morning to meet your daily needs. Under what conditions would you allow Tesla to control the charging time of your car so that it is charged for your daily needs and to offer you a cheaper electricity tariff?” Options include: “If there is a clear financial advantage for me,” “If there are other advantages such as free or cheaper charging at home or on public charging stations,” and “If it helps to increase the share of renewable energies in the energy mix.”

Currently, Tesla only offers its solar panels and solar roof in the US, but CEO Elon Musk has mentioned plans to expand the products to other markets, especially solar roof tiles soon.


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