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The Destiny of horology- The iGen and the Alpha Generation as the case study!

The Destiny of horology- The iGen and the Alpha Generation as the case study!

Punctuality for the wise is the sole of Business! Everything on the Universe is highly dependent on the Concept of Time.From the dawn of civilization till present,Man has been in the business of devising more reliable means of sustainable time monitoring .From antiquity, Africans checkmates the passage of time by continuous observance of the degree of sunset and sunrise.

But the advent of science and modernism has spelt the existence of time monitoring Using some interesting instruments Like Watches and Quartz clocks in the cause,Ranging from the age of Mechanical Watches to this era of Watch Digitalization.Most tellingly,the one that led the wee hours of the iGen- the Quartz watches that works in the principle of piezoelectricity! The start of the iGen led to the explosion of several Technologies like the iPhone,iPad,iPod and the Mac and has skyrocketed the evolution of the Watch industry with Companies like Apple inc and Alphabet at the forefront of building sustainable Watches for the iGen, hence building Watch Technologies that works neck and neck with the internet example the Apple Watch and the Android watch.

What’s the future of watches? Would the age of Watches be disrupted? Certainly,No! Rather several innovations would set sail for the new age!

Foresight is the key to survival in a world of disruptive innovation,” explains Tim Mach from The World Future Society. There are many secrets to success, but one of the most critical skills in today’s fast-moving world is being able to predict what lies ahead, a skill that was previously the domain of Mystic Meg and her crystal ball, while today it is referred to as strategic foresight or future science. This new discipline is becoming increasingly popular as businesses study alternative futures so that companies can navigate change swiftly and efficiently, making the right decisions at the right time.

A lot of Watch companies in the globe has predictions on the future of Watch Technology – But the most interesting of them all is one made by Jones and Bowen-The two Genius Designers.They gave three very unique ideas-the first of which is a biodynamic watch. This intelligent timepiece is part of the nervous system and supports its user by helping to control his or her attitude and appreciation of every given moment. It works metabolically (heart rate monitor and all the usual activity functions) and neurologically (they recently found neurons performing basic cognitive functions in skin and fascia cells), and it is connected to the user’s nervous system through the wrist. It senses solar levels, knows the time and the season, and helps to control the user’s circadian rhythm and govern his or her metabolic rates to ensure overall wellbeing. It judges physical, as well as emotional, stress and helps to control hormonal releases that change levels of attention and focus. It could do more unusual things by affecting the consciousness of the person by raising and lowering the heart rate, or by controlling the release of hormones through subtle beat patterns into the soft tissue, or by emitting a low galvanic charge, for example. This could have a calming effect for relaxation or sleep, or it could bring about a state of hyper-focus on demand. The watch features a three-dimensional holographic display which features a 3D form representing your conscious being.

For their second idea – the Technical Art Piece – Jones & Bowen predict that the mystique of fine watchmaking manufacturing, with its levels of precision and finishing, will be irrevocably eroded by the proliferation of 3D printers, and that by 2050 we will be able to print tourbillons at home. The next type of wristwatch will, therefore, come from a new generation of technology that creates visual effects and more conceptual statements about time. Users will be able to put things like a tiny black hole or a plasma tube torus on their wrist. “The power in a movement isn’t great enough to power or displace much at all at the moment, but once we master the power source, then things are going to get really exciting,” predicts Jones.The third watch is not a watch at all but a personal drone that flies around the user, monitoring and interacting with him or her. The top of the dial rises up when its name is called and it films and records the user’s life on demand. It could look around corners, act as a personal trainer, run errands and even physically protect its owner.

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“I think that our conceptions of time and how we relate to it will change fundamentally in a few decades. I would like to see time less as the measurement of passing time used to manage man, but rather a conscious related technology that enhances our experience of life,” explains Jones.

Horology as we know it is a very important and interesting part of human experience No one knows what the future holds for watchmaking; although, since the launch of the Apple watch, it is certainly one of the watch industry’s hottest subjects for debate. Some watch companies are branching out into their own versions of connectivity, while others are convinced that it won’t change a thing. Maybe in 2050, we can ask our personal drones to predict the future, but, for now, we are just going to have to wait and see.

But the future for now belongs to the iGen and Alpha Gen.Stay kindled!!!


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